MPM: Week of Sept 15

It's not quite Fall yet, but there is Acorn Squash at the market so I guess its acceptable to start cooking with them. So you may notice my menus may get more Fall/Winter like now. I hope the weather follows suit.

Monday: plum-mustard pork chops (holdover recipe from last week)
Tuesday: baked chicken with acorn squash
Wednesday: coconut & lemongrass baked chicken wings
Thursday: lasagna
Friday: pizza night
Saturday: lentil soup with dutch crunch bread
Sunday: with my parents

The chickpea carrot and feta fritters were amazing last week. Pretty easy too.

More menu planning at org junkie.

Fall shirts for a nursing mama

I completely understand that making some maternity shirts also nursing shirts ... but most people don't have the need for maternity shirts after they have the baby and if you're like me - you don't want to look pregnant any more. So after seeing a post somewhere else recently that highlighted "nursing shirts" that were all maternity shirts I decided I needed to do a post on normal shirts that would work well for nursing mothers. Because all a mama wants that just had a baby is to look and feel normal.

Here are 5 finds at some basic standby stores.

(from top left)
Sleeveless blouse from H&M: I like the black trim on this - and of course the buttons are a nursing mama's best friend.

Collard Surplus Blouse from Forever 21: I'm really loving the blush color.

Crepe-Chiffon Blouse from Old Navy: They have a few great colors of this blouse. The teal is my favorite and they are super soft.

Fitted boyfriend shirt from Gap: I love the gray plaid color. Plaid is on of my favorite things about Fall.

Embroidered silk blouse from Zara: A different take on the basic white button up shirt. I like the sheer fabric.

MPM: week of Sept 8

It's menu planning time again. I'm having a hard time remembering what day of the week it is, since my hubby has Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday off now. But I know when I've run out of groceries, and that's normally on Monday.

My mom is recovering from hip surgery so we'll be going over to help with things a few nights. 

Here's my plan:

Monday: at my parents
Wednesday: at my parents
Thursday: plum-mustard pork chops
Friday: something from our frozen meal choices...
Sunday: chicken dill skewers (didn't make these last week)

Ok! There is the plan. The orange & ginger glazed chicken from last week (we made with out the ginger this time...) was good and I'm looking forward to making it again with a lemon-ginger marmalade I got from the farmers market. Stay tuned, I'll probably share that recipe.

More plans at org junkie of course.


Well the Martin family has another change to announce. After having baby Gus, we have decided that I am going to be a work at home mom. No more 9-5 desk job for me.

I'll be doing social media and digital marketing and communications consulting and possibly another work from home opportunity (I'll keep you all posted.) The main idea is for me to have a more flexible schedule and get to raise these kiddos! My parents have been a HUGE help and I know they will continue to be super helpful, but its a lot to ask them to watch 2 under 2 - full time.

I'm excited for this opportunity - and of course a little nervous. I'm really looking forward to working on some fun projects too. Once my work website is up and running I'll be sure to share it here. In the mean time I'm enjoying the extra time with the kiddos and remembering my 2014 mantra: "You can do anything, but not everything."

Wish me luck!

Sacramento: Coming Soon

I've been hearing about some interesting new places coming soon to Sacramento - and after checking out The Parlor and their amazing ice cream puffs, I'm looking forward to the other new spots coming soon.

SusieCakes, a Southern California bakery is going to be opening at the Pavilions shopping center - which is showing signs of life again, with the latest Cafe Bernardo and Insight coffee filling the void left when David Berkeley's and Starbucks left.

Here's what I'm keeping an eye out for. Hawks Restaurant will be opening a Sacramento location at Stockton and Alhambra in midtown. Since I don't make it up to Roseville / Granite Bay to eat very often, I'm looking forward to this. Our pediatrician is at that corner so this could be a yummy post doctor lunch.

Fried chicken lovers have been waiting patiently for South to open -- and I hope they do soon, too. Looks like they are aiming for the Fall - and I wish them luck. It will be perfect timing for some good, southern comfort food - just as the weather cools off.

There are a few that I've heard about. Can't wait to give them a try.

MPM: Week of Sept 1

Planning and routine is necessary for my days with the kids to go smoothly. Meal plans have been more helpful now than ever. Here is my thoughts for the week. The  orange ginger chicken recipe is from a Bette Crocker cookbook and the chicken skewers recipe is from a Trader Joe's cooking cook book. I'll let you know if they are any good.

Monday: tri-tip sandwiches (with leftovers from Sunday BBQ)
Tuesday: orange & ginger glazed chicken
Wednesday: pizza night!
Saturday: bbq chicken grilled cheese (these were so yummy the last time we made them.)
Sunday: grilled yogurt dill chicken skewers

More menu plans over at OrgJunkie.

P.S. I promise to have more than just my menu plans soon.

MPM: Week of August 25

Menu planning has been working out great. The noodle heaven that Tegan from celebrate twelve13 brought us was just delish! This week my nephew is visiting my parents so we'll be eating with them a fair amount - but I thought I'd try and plan out what I could. Here's the plan. It doesn't really involve much cooking.

Monday: zucchini and feta quiche (from frozen)
Tuesday: stuffed bell peppers
Wednesday: with my parents
Thursday: turkey burgers (a friend recommended this recipe)
Friday: at my parents
Saturday: Greek Food Festival
Sunday: maybe Greek Food Festival again? If not, we'll have a Taquito salad.

Like I said, not much cooking - but we have visitors so that's what happens.

Hope everyone has a good week! More menu plans at orgjunkie!