Enjoy the Super Bowl (even if it's not your thing)

I touched on my opinion of the Super Bowl a while ago, and it's about the same now. I have no investment in the teams playing, but if it's going to be on - and I'm not going to a party - I might as well find a way to enjoy it, right?

Some fun food and a bingo game are just the the thing to solve that problem. Here is what I suggest.

Studio DIY has the most lovely Bingo cards to help get engaged in the game. Just make a handful of copies and pass out to anyone who you are watching with. I'm convinced Bingo games (or drinking games, if that's your style) are the best way to get into anything. Or maybe having a stake in the office pool - but that's a different post.

If trivia is more your style, that's an option too.

Popcorn is always a good TV watching snack and I've really been getting into customizing the flavors lately. Find a good flavor idea you like and try it out. We are still experimenting with the Raley's Something Extra Try-It samples we got. I'm thinking of trying this apple cinnamon popcorn snack recipe this time.

Another Studio DIY find - are these glitter foam fingers. They are adorable and you could do this with any size foam finger you could get your hands on.

Order a pizza for the main meal (if your a Sacramento local and haven't tried Wenelli's - I highly recommend it. The Arden Park Pleaser is my favorite.

For dessert, these ice cream sandwiches over at the celebration shoppe are adorable and easy to put together.

Bike Dog Brewery: Review

At the end of last year we made a trip out to Bike Dog Brewery in West Sacramento - to try some beer and buy some Christmas presents. We were so pleasantly surprised by just how kid-friendly this brewery was that I had to share. I'm just sorry it's taken me so long to actually do it.

Things you need to know: (1) it's not a large area so get there early if you're with a crowd and expect you might be sharing a space. Luckily, the people you are sharing it with are likely to have kids too, so don't get to worried about that. (2) They are only open Thursday, Friday or Saturday. (3) They don't have their own kitchen so be sure to check what food truck is going to be there the evening you are thinking of going - just to make sure it's something you'd want to eat.

Now on to the kid-friendly bit. They had toys. They had a truck and some stacking blocks for kids to play with. Obviously food truck food can be kid-friendly, as you can most likely get a grilled cheese, or mac and cheese, or chicken strips (just be sure to check this in advance - or bring you're own food.)

The biggest plus for me was that there were actually other kids there. And I didn't feel like I was getting funny looks when Lucille wanted to load the truck they had up with the blocks and move them around our table. No glares for patrons who wished we had stayed home. Friendly staff and super friendly atmosphere. 

I know people always say that Sacramento is a little "Portland-jealous" and sometimes I am - but this place reminded me of Portland. I almost felt hip again (almost.)

I'd put this on your list of places to go if you haven't already. Good beer, good atmosphere. Bring your kids, bring your dogs, bring your bike...

Bike Dog Brewing Co. 2534 Industrial Blvd. Ste. 110 West Sacramento, CA 95691 

MPM: Week of January 26

Well last week sucked. We all got colds and had to cancel plans. This week is a little up in the air because the hubby *might* be going to Vegas. But here is the plan anyways. It's a busy time of year for us for birthdays (this week has 4 in our extended family alone - plus a handful of friends!) Today is my dad's birthday so it's his choice for dinner. The rest of the week we'll be cooking!

Here is the plan for this week.

Monday: Out for my dad's birthday
Tuesday: creamy chicken noodle casserole
Wednesday: zuppa di cannellini
Thursday: I'm heading to the State of the City... so Daddy and kiddos are on their own.
Friday: tomato-basil gnocchi gratin
Saturday: broccoli and pancetta frittata
Sunday: spicy chicken taco soup

There is the plan. We'll try and stick to it - although it is late Monday night and I still haven't gone grocery shopping...

More menu plans at org junkie!

Mommies can enjoy showers too.

So I have to tell you, before I had kids I took baths. Long baths. With bath bombs and wine and a book. It was great. I loved coming home from work and being able to unwind like that. I haven't taken a bath (by myself - Lucille has made me take them with her) in AGES. But I recently got some Level Naturals shower bombs as a gift - and they sure make me enjoy my shower time the way I enjoyed baths before kids.

First of all, I used it as a timer. You can't rush a shower with a shower bomb melting in it - because that would be wasteful. Use these on a shower when you don't have to shave or wash your hair - so you can enjoy the time in the warm water with the relaxing smell that the shower bombs have.

Second, if you have any congestion - the menthol / eucalyptus will clear you up. Even if you aren't congested you'll be amazed at how well you breath afterwards.

Now candles, wine and books don't do so well in a shower - but this shower bomb will help relax those mommy muscles.
If you still have time for long baths and the like, I'd recommend checking out their The Good box subscription. Get some shower bombs, soap, candles and other goodies mailed to you every month. For $14.95 it sounds like a relaxing deal to me.

Level Naturals is a west coast brand based in Los Angeles and if you are in the Sacramento area you can find the brand at your nearest Nugget Market.