MPM: Week of April 21

This is a big week in the Martin household. Miss Lucille turns 1 year old on Friday! I can't believe it's been a year and at the same time she is so different then that helpless baby we brought home that it seems a lifetime ago. It's funny how that works.

But keeping to the subject of menu planning - here is what we have for this week:

Monday: Tomato-Basil Gnocchi Gratin
Tuesday: Chicken tacos with kale and salsa verde
Wednesday: Pizza (probably use some of the leftover chicken)
Thursday: Quinoa recipe (I'll be using Feta cheese instead of Tofu - since that's what I thought it was in the picture and it sounds good to me!)
Friday: Lucille's Birthday! Dinner with Family at Old Spaghetti Factory
Saturday: My sister is visiting for Lucille's birthday - so we'll probably have another family dinner.
Sunday: BBQ

More menu planning ideas over at org junkie. Happy week, everyone!

Hello Friday...

It's Friday - time to wrap things up and take a break for a few days. With Easter this weekend, I'm sure most of you will be busy - and probably starting the weekend a bit early. We've been letting Lucille hide and find her own Easter eggs the past few days - and she loves taking things out and putting them "back" (which she will say repeatedly as she does it) so it can entertain her for hours.

If you need that little push to get you through the day so you can start your weekend - here are some fun things to explore.

Beautiful food illustrations

Car trip bingo with an Agriculture theme (I can't wait till my kids are old enough to play car games like this.)

Dessert? My dad and I would eat these for breakfast when I was a kid.

A well done Thai advertisement.

I need some help with boy nursery themes. I love some over at Lay Baby Lay (like this Rad Little Dude one) but I'm not in love with anything. Suggestions?

Enjoy and Happy Easter!

Someone help. I eat like a hipster.

If you were to call me a hipster, I would laugh. I live in Sacramento, work a normal job, shop at target and OH - I'm a mom and I'm pregnant. There is nothing hipster about any of that. Trust me. But according to Huffington Post, I sure do eat like one.

The Huff did a list of the 22 foods that hipsters need to calm down about... and minus the Kombucha, PBR and the Kimchi I love all of them. I kind of feel like the healthy ones (Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and kale) should be left off the list. I mean, with the amount of junk people eat -- I'd say encourage any healthy option you can get them to be obsessed with.

My husband and I have a yummy "green" juice (although as you can see in the picture - the berries make it purple) every morning. Oh, and it has kale in it. Here's the recipe:

Blend together:
1 apple
1 cup of frozen mixed berries (I make sure they include blueberries)
1/2 cup water

Once that is blended, add the veggies:
1 cup kale
1 cup spinach (some times we don't have spinach so I double up on the kale)
juice of 1/2 a lemon

That's it. Its delish - and I guess if you want to eat like a hipster, it covers a few bases.

And also I am reminded that I actually have a Brussels sprouts recipe I am looking forward to trying (It was in an episode of the TV show my work produces "California Bountiful") - Brussels sprouts with citrus and pomegranates.

Any other readers eat like a "hipster" - my guess is a fair amount of you do - which almost makes all of those items mainstream... and anything but hip.

This post is also shared as part of the "Link it up - Epic Friday!"

MPM: Week of April 14

It's Easter week (one of my favorites) and April is flying by. Another fairly blown week last week. It's what happens when I don't make it shopping on Sunday or Monday. Lets try again this week.

Tuesday: Chana Masala
Wednesday: Freebie night (I'm building this in because we always end up at my parents house at least one night a week.)
Thursday: Tropical Basil Stir-Fry (didn't make last week...)
Friday: Pizza (we STILL have not had pizza... its been on the plan for weeks.)
Saturday: Early Easter dinner with husband's family
Sunday: Easter celebration with my family

I'm thinking that the Lemony Spring Risotto I'll be making with Orzo instead of rice... but keep the recipe similar. Hope everyone has a great Easter! More menu plans at org junkie.

The name game...

Figuring out our daughter's name was so easy. Both my husband and I are family oriented people, who grew up with loving grandparents living with us and shaping our lives. We both have fond memories of our live-in grandmothers and loved their names. So Lucille Anastasia was born. Easy peasy.

I knew very early on that this time around we were having a boy. I just had this feeling. Everything was different - no nausea but awful migraines, signs of a boy. Sure enough, last month we found out - it's a boy! And the naming game began.

We never got any advice with Lucille - because we had it picked out so early that we didn't give anyone time to give us ideas. This time we are getting loads of advice -- and sorting through names for the perfect fit. Then I see this BBC article and have to share. Does a baby's name affect its chances in life? I must admit that sometimes I shoot down a name because I think, would people vote for a president of the United States named Wren? (No, we aren't thinking of naming the baby Wren.) Well, I guess its a legit question.

If we name our son "Peter" or "Simon" they seem to have a much better chance of getting into Oxford than a "Shane" or "Bradley" according to the article. Talk about the stress this adds to the parents! So here are some thoughts on a name for "little man Martin" as I call him now.

I love the name Dean. It's a family name but I'm not so sure about having a "Dean Martin." Pretty sure that's a no.

Husband and I met at a bar / Chinese restaurant called Simon's. And I like the name Simon. Now that its on the top of the Oxford list this might just move on up to a favorite.

The name William is also a family name we like - it's nothing unusual but I'd say its strong and old fashioned. And if we use the middle name Lee (a family middle name on my husband's side) the baby would have the same initials as his paternal grandpa - WLM.

We've discussed the name Lucas to some extent too. It's not a family name at all - just a name we both like. But we have Lucille. If we have Lucas and Lucille... and we decide we want a 3rd baby have we boxed ourselves into the L names? You don't want a kid to feel like the odd man out. And are Lucille and Lucas too similar? Will I be calling them both Lou all the time?

I'm sure that we've put too much thought into this - making it more complicated than it should be. But names can be a challenge. Especially with studies saying it can shape your child's future.

Now on Facebook!

Just a quick post - to let my readers know, I've decided it's time for me to create a page on Facebook for this blog of mine. If you interested in following my blog that way, head on over and like my page! Not much there now, but as I post content I'll be sharing it there... plus some additional stuff that I don't find time to blog about.

I'm really thankful for all my followers and I am hoping to put some more effort into this blog starting very soon.

Thanks again for being loyal!


MPM: Week of April 7

April is a happy month for us in the Martin household. Yesterday was our 3 year anniversary, we bought our house in April 2012 and Lucille's birthday is April 2013. I also really love  Easter - and April tends to be the month Easter is celebrated in. Basically, April makes me happy.

Anyways, on to the meal plan for this week. Last week was not a big success with the meal planning efforts. My grandmother was in the hospital, I got food poisoning on Friday - slept all day and night Saturday and then we had a party Sunday. So with that said, lets try again. And yes, I know its already Tuesday so obviously this planning isn't off to a great start.

Monday: BBQ
Tuesday: Pasta with Sausage in an Alfredo Sauce (this is a yogurt based Alfredo sauce - so a little healthier)
Wednesday: Tropical Basil Stir-Fry (A trial recipe of my own. If its good - I'll share.)
Thursday: Taquito Salad
Friday: with family
Saturday: Pizza
Sunday: Stuffed Bell Peppers

 Sorry for my lack of creativity. Maybe some of the other menu planners have more creative meals you can browse through. Check them out at org junkie!!